Froling FHG Wood Bolier (Special Order)

Froling FHG Wood Bolier (Special Order)

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The Turbo offers top quality boiler technology for a mid-range price. It concentrates on the most important points and includes a lot of features, which are otherwise only found in top of the range firewood boilers. The Turbo can be loaded with half-metre firewood easily from the front. Often the boiler only needs to be filled once for the entire day. Strong steel guards protect the loading chamber and keep it clean.

Frolling Wood Boiler Brochure 

With its patented, cylindrical high temperature swirl combustion chamber, the S3 Turbo delivers excellent combustion values. The generous dimensions of the combustion zone guarantee low emissions. The efficiency optimisation system (WOS) makes it easy to clean the heating surfaces from outside using a lever mechanism. The carbonisation gas extraction system also prevents any gas escaping when topping up.

The primary and secondary air settings are adjusted by the technician during commissioning. The function-monitored induced draught fan enables the system to adjust to different operating statuses. This means the system has excellent output adjustment with full operating safety. The speed-regulated induced draught fan ensures constant high quality combustion, the carbonisation gas extraction system prevents any smoke from escaping even while topping up.

The S-Tronic controller in the boiler controls the induced draught fan and offers the option of connecting a storage tank loading pump and a heating pump. Flue gas and boiler temperature monitoring ensures efficient combustion. Any regional regulations requiring the use of weather-activated controls should be observed.


Large fuel loading chamber for logs up to 56 cm in length

  • Easy loading
  • Long combustion time
  • Long reloading intervals

Serial WOS system

  • High efficiency
  • Easy cleaning from outside
  • Low energy consumption

Speed-regulated induced draught fan and lambda control with broadband probe

  • Maximum ease of use
  • Constant stabilisation of combustion

Regelung S-Tronic plus control

  • Speed regulation and function monitoring of the induced draught fan for output adjustment
  • Integrated storage tank management
  • Visual Display with control keys for setting
  • Can be used to control 2 mixed heating circuits
  • Integrated boiler management



RBG 3200 room console

  • Control the heating from your living room
  • Read values and status information
  • change settings conveniently via push of a button

LOXONE - Smart Home Anbindung

  • Einfache Integration
  • Gezielte Heizkesselsteuerung
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  • Siehe Flyer (PDF)

High temperature turbulence combustion chamber

  • Excellent combustion values
  • Low emissions
  • Much more environmentally friendly

Special carbonisation gas extraction system for S3

  • No smoke escapes during re-filling
  • The boiler room stays clean

Regelung S-Tronic Lambda

  • Speed regulation and function monitoring of the induced draught fan for output adjustment
  • Lambda control with broadband lambda probe 
  • Control of Primary and secondary air via 2 servomotors
  • Integrated storage tank and boiler management
  • Control of two mixed heating circuits