Stryker 4407 Log Splitter

Stryker 4407 Log Splitter

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The STRYKER 3407 AND 4407 skid steer wood splitter attachments
are great choices for operating with auxiliary hydraulics. There is no
need to have a second operator in the cab as it can be operated
independently, with the controls mounted on the log splitter.
Both models come standard with the double-sided 2-way knife
and the 4-way knife. The 4-way knife works great for wood up to a
diameter of 10”-12” and can be interchanged in less than 15 seconds
with the double sided 2-way knife, giving you complete control over
your wood splitting needs.
The STRYKER 4407 model is manufactured with a 7” by 7” reinforced

solid steel tube frame, reinforced stops and frictionless Ultra-High-
Molecular-Weight polyethylene sliders, making it among the most

rugged, longest lasting log splitters available on the market today.


Models and pricing vary by location. Available with 24”, 30”, 36” or 48” stroke. 3” knife extension optional.

FRAME 7” x 7” steel tube

LOG CAPACITY 40-48” diameter

LENGTH 76.5”
TONNAGE 32 tons @ 2900 psi

HEIGHT 18.5”
PRODUCTION VOLUME 100 cords per year or more

WEIGHT 460 lbs
POWER SOURCE Skid steer attach -
5’ hose included

BED HEIGHT Skid steer plates
HYDRAULIC FLOW 10 gpm - 20 gpm

KNIFE HEIGHT 9.5” / 2-way
12” / 4-way

CYLINDER SIZE 4.5” x 24”