Viessmann Vitocell 300 Single Horizontal Steel DHW Tank With Electronic Anode Rod

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Standard EHA tank Equipment Includes: n DHW tank n 150 psig temperature & pressure relief valve n Installation fittings EHA 42 and 53 cannot be stacked. A max of 2 EHA- 92 tanks may be stacked or a max of 3 EHA-119 tanks.



 Capacity (USG): 92

 Coils: Single

 Insulation: PUR foam

 Shipping Weight (LBS): 379

 Length (IN.): 62-1/2

 Width (IN): 32-3/4

 Height (IN): 31




 Capacity (USG): 119

 Coils: Single

 Insulation: PUR foam

 Shipping Weight (LBS): 421

 Length (IN.): 65

 Width (IN): 35-3/4

 Height (IN): 35